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Founded by Scott Teti and Matt Odgers, Left Hook Media is the entertainment company dedicated to creating and producing bold comedic hits from places you’d never expect for audiences across all platforms.

Odgers began his early career producing innovative hits like Blind Date and Surreal Life. Teti began as an editor on hits like Growing Up Gotti and The Simple Life. The two met working on the record breaking hit Flavor of Love (for 51 Minds), Odgers as an EP and Teti as an editor. From there the two formed a producing partnership that would deliver a number of record breaking hits not only with the continued success of Flavor of Love but also Rock of Love, I Love New York, Real Chance of Love, and I Love Money leading to 51 Minds’ eventual sale at the reported price of $200,000,000. “What most people don’t understand about all of these hit shows was that we were making them as a parody.

“We took other shows like The Bachelor, or MTV’s The Challenge and turned them upside down filling them with ridiculous characters and that let the audience laugh at these shows that were taking themselves so seriously.” - Matt Odgers

In 2012 the two left 51 Minds to explore other opportunities. Odgers became SVP of Development at A. Smith and Co., makers of such hits as Hell’s Kitchen and American Ninja Warrior. Teti went on to Executive Produce several successful franchises including the groundbreaking number one cable hit, Duck Dynasty, in it’s first season.

In 2015 Teti and Odgers rejoined forces in Left Hook Media. Since that time they’ve produced seven seasons of cable broadcast television for multiple networks including the Bravo hit Summerhouse, now in it’s third season.

“We’re always looking for the new angle… the new way to come at a show. With Summerhouse we wanted to make loud fun tv for a younger Bravo audience. Now they have a new young audience.” – Scott Teti

To this day, Odgers and Teti remain dedicated to creating quality content for audiences wherever they may exist. Let’s keep ‘em laughing.


Matt Odgers, Founder/CEO

Matt was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri.  He graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in BS.  He’s been working actively in all aspects of television production ever since.  Now, with four kids, he doesn’t think he’ll ever get to stop.


Scott Teti, Founder/CEO

Scott is from rural Pennsylvania where he grew up on a horse farm taking care of the animals and driving his parents crazy.  Originally he thought he’d go into medicine, but after joining the Pika fraternity at University of Deleware, he quickly learned that a profession that lets him act like a Tasmanian Devil while messing with other people’s heads would be much more up his alley.  Hence, a successful career in alternative television.


Mikey McManus, VP of Development

Mikey was born and raised in Worcester Massachusetts and exemplifies exactly what you would expect from someone named Mickey from Massachusetts. He went to Emerson. He likes lobster, the Patriots, and ugly sneakers. Yeah, he’s a masshole.

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